May Day

Is a great day.

It’s also my mother’s birthday.  Saturday we are going to lunch at our favorite nursery, Swanson’s, where they have a nice little cafe to rest your feet in between looking at their amazing selection.  Then we go to visit dad where we will open presents.  Dad is trying his best to adjust to the Adult Family Home he’s going to be living in for the rest of his life poor guy. We do what we can.

This is what I made for mom.  It’s not “Fine Art” but I think this will mean more to her than most things I could do.

(Sorry for the photo quality, taken from my phone with artificial light.)

3 thoughts on “May Day

    • Those socks have a story. My dad’s brother was a lawyer who bucked the system every chance he got. He wore the wackiest suits ever to court way before My Cousin Vinny took to the screen. Looped ties, robin’s egg blue suede jackets, glitter shoelaces. And never ever matched his neon socks. When he died in 1994, my dad started wearng his socks and has been wearing them for all these years. Darning them using a lightbulb. He tells everyone the story of those socks. So it’s a big deal and you are the first to notice that detail.

      Bluebird of happiness in the top right corner. 😉

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