Looking towards the light

As I pack away the Samhain decorations and let the house breathe before the Yule decor comes out, I take it easy.  I’ve been working so very hard of late.  Work has its rewards but it has its challenges and this month is one of those times.  Nothing bad just going through another learning curve and there are deadlines.

I had a lovely Samhain circle, my first in over a year. It felt so good.  Nothing big, just a very simple circle and some divination. Back in a good place, finding my way.

I’m very happy these days.  I think this summer’s tensions with Mr. Furnace were very good for the long term.  Hell in the short term for sure but many things, things that have haunted my spirit for years, have been released and I feel free in ways I never thought I would.  Our love seems to be blossoming suddenly.

Life is good if busy. Some interesting events are coming from a display of my artwork at work.  They have two gallery walls and this month my work is being presented.  It might run through the year end.  The CEO has commissioned a painting and one of our marketing people not only wants a box but she wants to pay an very high price for it.  I’m astonished.  She also has a friend who owns a gallery here in our Pioneer Square area.  We shall see.   I count on nothing but it did my heart good. All I know is that it has me thinking about a new direction for 2012.  I’ve failed a bit miserably at finishing my projects in 2011 but the biggest project of all, the healing of my heart, has been at the forefront and other things took a back seat.

All in its own time…

2 thoughts on “Looking towards the light

  1. you finished a project in 2011, i know cause i have a lovely disk with three hare’s and i just love it so much!! *grins*..

    this last few months for me has been umm. very confusing, magically wise i suspect triggered by a wonderful trip to canada but then i kinda new that there would be some powerfull lessons? from that, i just never really realised it, if that makes sense. its a crossroads thing i think.*ponders this*

    hmm.. this weekends dark moon shall be interesting and tomorrow there will be sewing and *gasp* a journal update well gosh..

    am excited about the thought of you having art in a gallery tho.. yay i do love your artwork in all of its forms. i might have to go and fondle my disk when i get home now.. *grins more*


  2. I understand the magically confusing part. Loved your last post from this summer, related to it quite a bit. Lots of crossroads for me too lately.

    I too would love my work in a gallery but if that offer comes there is a lot of work in front of me. Woo doggy.


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