Coming up for air…

It’s been a crazy busy month.  We lost two producers and one was brand new so basically down three people out of 6.   I launched 25 sites this month, crazy numbers, usually I do 15-19. I cried a couple times.  Any way, I go home, I crash. Weekends I clean and maybe do a little creativity.  That’s it.  But today the month’s insanity ends and June will be a bit more normal as we’ve replaced the two who left (one was fired so lots of escalated projects) and the other one is no longer the new guy.  Last weekend I fell full face on the ground (long story) twice. My body is just tuckered and sore and and and Saturday is almost here.

In July I get 9 blessed days off.  So needed. As Mr. Furnace says, Soon Come…


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