Boil Boil Toil and No Trouble

I love my Mermade Magickal Arts incense burner.  Boy do I love it. It’s electric. There is no discoloring smoke.  Yes, I know, no smoke, but then again. NO SMOKE.  This is a great thing when you live in small place and work with textiles.  No Smoke.  And it doesn’t set of my fire alarm either.

What I get is pure fragrance.  I have many incenses these days, I’ve been trying very hard to move away from incense that is on a stick of wood. It isn’t part of the intention.  I buy a lot of my incense from the most Fabulous and Lovely Sarah at Witch of Forest Grove but have a few others that are just plain incense.  Since I don’t want to have to light a charcoal (another pollutant) every time I want incense, this electric burner has been Goddess sent.

I love the purity of the smell I get with this burner.  Pure fragrance unaltered by wood or charcoal.  Not portable and can’t take to the woods with you but for home it’s great.

Speaking of taking to the woods, they have a very cool portable version that is battery operated (rechargeable) .  My friend Andrine, who turned me on to this product, and I were in a dinner club listening to a friend’s band when she put some frankincense in the burner.  We were just tickled when folks across the room started saying, wow what is the scent?  Probably not a nice thing to do in the end because not everyone likes experiencing another’s fragrance odyssey but it was a successful experiment none the less.

Below is Bee Propolis incense, my favorite, burbling away merrily, making my life better by it’s very existence. These are the Honey Years after all. Life continues to be challenging, work has not let off as promised (although the bonuses are coming so that is good) and so I am tired a lot of the time and can’t visit here that often.  But life is good, very good, prosperity and abundance, happy abundance, are manifesting to make up for the lack of abundance and poverty of spirit two years ago.

2 thoughts on “Boil Boil Toil and No Trouble

  1. ohh.. i so want one of these.. they would be wonderful for the incense balls that i make, cause the charcoal always leaves them smelling a little burnt after awhile.. *nods*.. i first came across the electric burners when i was researching oud wood..

    one like yours is so going on my list of things to purchase .. Whee *beams*

    • I know right? I saved up for this, the price kept it from being an impulse buy but worth every penny. Every. Penny. And isn’t it pretty? Very sturdy little thing too. Nothing light or cheap about it. Love the viney band in brass.

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