Saritah!!! Do What Lifts!

Mr. Furnace helps musicians with a variety of services. One those services includes stepping in to fill dates for artists on the road.  Last summer we met the fabulous Saritah and Sista Lu, two of the sparkliest sweeties you are ever going to meet.  And this year they came back.  Saritah is a “Global Sound” artist from Australia, Sista Lu from the San Francisco area.  I don’t know how they do it but they find a way to work together, road trip together, and basically they were meant to be.

These photos are from the show at Soul Food Books, the most excellent Clint McCune’s fun pagan/spiritual book store, coffee shop, and music venue.  Clint is in the photos at the beginning and end of the gallery below.

Glad there are folks like Saritah, Sista Lu, and Clint in this world.  I always feel better about life when I’m with them and it lingers once they are gone.


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