I’m Alive

Man, life!  I thought August would be slooowww.  And while it is in some ways in others it is not.  Work offered truly excellent incentive to launch as many sites as we can and I’m in the over 20 sites 5 months running.  A record. Sooo Tired.  *headdesk*

We are having a yard sale so I’ve spent weeks pulling stuff out of storage, sorting, and now pricing as the yard sale is this Saturday. God. *bodybed*

I joined a gym and got a personal trainer.  Yesterday I did 6 sets of 10 girl pushups.  If you had told I could do even ONE I would have laughed in your face.  holy crap.  I am going to lose this weight damn it and have finally accepted fully that the only way to eat the foods I like to eat, I need to work my ass off. Low Carb works for me but I can’t sustain it because I tend to miss pasta and breads now and then and don’t get me started on potato chips. I can never eat just one.  My shoulders are KILLING me today but tonight Mr. Furnace comes over (we are adding him to my gym membership today because they have a Friends and Family half price sale right now) and he’s going to give a super duper Mr. F. massage.  He’s pretty darned good I must say. *sigh* and *yay*

I need to remember to have him take a Before photo in all my pudgy glory.  Not that I look bad but in my mind I don’t look like ME.  or feel like me.  Did you know I made the front page of the sports section in my city because my hurdle relay team broke the record?  I used to be BUFF and no lie. Ran 5 miles a day and then did calisthenics, gymnastics, stretching, and walked/biked/skiied/danced.  Not using my body is not a new thing but I’ve neglected my bod for at least 17 years.  I starting taking diuretics for my high blood pressure two years ago, the fibromyalgia isn’t bad but it’s not good, and I want to live a loooooong time. It’s time.  Feels great.  But did I mention my shoulders are killing me?

But here is the best part!  I’m a CRONE!!!! my years of peri and menopause are over.  Yeah, sure, still some hot flashes but the migraines that debilitated me for decades have been gone for an entire year now.  No more agonizing cramps.  No more mood swings (well they have diminished significantly).  My energy levels are rising and I’m starting to feel really great.  My trainer guessed my age at 12 years younger than I am which Made My Day.  So here’s to being a youthful looking crone.

Not sure of the artist, anyone know?

So, I have 5 launches in 2 days to get out the door so I can’t stay.  I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. Not yet any way. Autumn is coming and I’m excited about some the projects I’ve got going on.

Ooooh and watch for a new post soon on the new circle I’m forming with some friends. Oh wow oh boy, I haven’t been THIS excited in over 20 years.

1 thought on “I’m Alive

  1. gosh you have been busy… i have spent some time recently helping a friend put there website together.. it was umm.. not that easy.. O.O gosh.. but yay for a new circle.. wheee.. seems to be the time for it.. i am putting together a ‘book club’ *coughs*.. well not that it is book club persay but a place for people who are actually doing stuff to gather and discuss what they are doing.. *grins*.. i have to compose the email today *ponders this*.. should be fun!


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