Agreeing to Disagree?

Since the elections ended I’ve been hearing some talk about letting our disagreements go. While I agree with that in theory, define disagreements.

If you want to control my rights and my options regarding my body, my life, my spiritual path, my health, ANYTHING that doesn’t touch on your life in any way, this is NOT a disagreement. You are wrong. Period. And pray that you or yours don’t need those freedoms at any time.

If you want to pretend the earth isn’t in trouble on a climate basis, this is not a disagreement. It is a fact. You and yours will suffer and if you think the Romneys of the world are going to share their fresh water and air conditioning with you, think again. You are wrong. Period.

If you are only concerned about your wallet and don’t care about the social programs that are there for the good of all, including you when your wallet is flat, this is not a disagreement. This is you only caring about yourself.

This is a society made up of people. Someone needs to oversee the state of our transportation, protection, education, and disabled and be there when your house burns to the ground or you get cancer when you’re unemployed. This is called the government. We can’t exist without it no matter how much you cry that you want less of it. Those of us who believe in these services are voting for YOU so that you, even if you are wearing blinders, can use them even if you don’t want me to have them. Think of Chris Christie and Hurricane Sandy the next time you spew hatred towards the liberals who wanted you to have help when the unexpected happens.

Someone needs to pay for it all. That is US. (corporations and fat cats? That means you too you greedy, stingy bastards, beware the fate of Scrooge) Don’t tell me you don’t want to pay taxes and then complain about gridlock, poor health benefits, lousy roads, and not enough cops or come crying when a tornado takes out your town but you voted to get rid of FEMA. Tell me you don’t want FEMA when they show up to help you eat because your house doesn’t exist any more. Tell me you aren’t interested in going to the food bank when you lose your job. This is not a disagreement. You are wrong.

I’m sorry but if you want to be the only one who matters in your life, fine. But you need to go back under the rock you came out from under. There is no place for popular sociopaths in this society. It is a “WE” deal. No man is an island. Accept the fact that you are on planet earth and that you are here to love your fellow beings be they human, animal, plant or mineral. The good of all is the only thing that flies here or everyone loses.

You wanna grab the hand of the others who are willing to stand for all, here it is. My hand. But if you wanna be an island only caring about yourself? You got it. I’ll give my hand to someone else who wants it, but I’ll *still* give it to you if you need it. Even if you voted for your wallet, for the sociopath? Even if you voted not to have any of the social programs? I will still give money through taxes and the Red Cross so you can eat when you’re under 3 feet of water with no power. This is not a disagreement. You are wrong. Re-incarnate on a different planet next time because this one just ain’t for you.

WAKE THE FUCK UP! GET WITH THE PROGRAM! But under no circumstances tell me to agree with you just so everything looks pretty instead of real.

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