Tree of Life


The design progresses on the tree of life embroidery. Every stitch a charm for a long and healthy life. I have a gorgeous array of threads, everything from perl cotton, fine wools, and a fine silk wool blend, maybe even some silk. We’ll see how the organic process flows.


My path gets more thorny and long. While my cancer was downgraded from stage 3 to stage 2, it was classed a very aggressive cancer. They removed “at least” 7 tumors. Three lymph nodes were cancerous and one had burst it’s boundary which is so not good. They got everything however so that is a plus. I found this by self exam. None showed up in a mammogram. The second type of cancer I have did thank goodness. But it was stage 0. The breast tumors didn’t show up in an ultrasound either although one of the lymph tumors did. I tell you this because we are lulled into thinking that mammograms will save us. Most breast cancers are found through self exams. Mine was. My cancer is less than a year old, maybe only 6 months old. If I hadn’t found it when I did it might have been too late for the fairly rosy prognosis it is.


Due to the aggressive nature of the cancer they are going after it with everything they have. After determining that my heart will take it, I have 4 rounds of a chemo/hormone therapy three weeks apart. It’s gonna be a doozy. Then if all goes well, I have 12 more chemotherapies, one a week for 3 months. Then 6 weeks of radiation 5 days a week. The hormones wil continue for a full year. Oh. My. God and Goddess.

Work stands behind me so no worries there. I have disability insurance so that’s ok. Mr. Furnace, my love, my rock, I am so grateful for him. My mother is another rock but I so wish that at 85 with her husband in an adult home that she didn’t have to be.

Life is one day at a time. I create this piece as a testament to my journey, as a charm to bring me strength, health, and long life. I’ll post as I can. I don’t want this to be a cancer blog so will try to blend my art with my life but there might be a long bit where I only watch stupid tv because that is all I got.

Think well of me and blessings to us all.

8 thoughts on “Tree of Life

  1. As always your comments bring tears to my eyes. All such good news. Just love the tree of life- so poignant . Was doing some research on 15th century bags. Was reading that finger prints were used instead of signatures due to low literacy. Modem day someone was using fingerprints as leaves on a tree for her wedding guests keep- sakes. It was a lovely idea. Sending prayers and best wishes. Twinkles Julia

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