Cyn Update

2 months since surgery. Range of motion much improved but I could be more diligent. I can get clothes on over my head so I’m happy with progress rate. Adjusting to a flat chest. Sure I miss some aspects but I’m finding peace with it little by little. There will probably always be a faint lingering ache the rest of my life but I’m moving on.

Best day since infusion, the nausea has finally backed off 90% and I have a couple days before the next one.

Tried on all questionnable clothing and most of them look pretty darned good considering. I was surprised, thought I’d have more alterations. Less work, whew.

What a dork, didn’t realize I could get Pandora through my Roku box. Got it now. How frikking cool is that!!!! Less tv, more music…

Life is good. One day at a time. Today I really was able to visualize my future. Big step there actually. Visualization changes everything.

7 months to go… so glad to see spring arriving, I need that clean air everything is new and full of hope feeling… spring *sigh*

I have a couple projects that are keeping me interested when I’m not tired out and sitting like a bump on a log. I try to get out of the house every day but it doesn’t take much to wear me out. I plod through my days trying to do some decluttering, cleaning, airing out my life, hearth, and home. Sleep. And eat! Not losing any weight so far. Good and yet…

The best way to see the newest photos and short updates is for you to bite the bullet and “like” the blog on Facebook (see button in the right column of blog) as I’m rarely on the laptop and all updates and photos are mostly happening on my “phone.” 

My new pretty from Red Moon Designs. Made by a very cool healer up in B.C. She used hand dyed elk skin and a maple frame, this one also red, with a black suede beater. I don’t exactly know what to do with her yet but soon. I’m working on a flute bag for the maker of the drum and it’s coming along. Healing blessings!


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