So Mr. Furnace and I broke up. I want to write reams and reams about how I was betrayed, because I was, again, but I’m afraid that the black cloud I create will become so large that it will swallow North America so I’m going to go cry instead.

But really dude. While I’m going through Chemo? Really?

7 thoughts on “Newt

  1. Sending hugs and lovingkindness to you… while I’ve not been exactly there, there are some definite parallels to my own cancer journey and how G and I broke up… so my heart goes out to you… and it is true that after cancer, at least for me, my tolerance for bullshit has dissapeared

  2. OMG! what a drag!
    two things:
    #1. The best revenge is to survive.
    For me at this point , it is as minor as holding my head high as I walk down the street. At the time my ex rang my boss, my bosses boss, my bosses bosses boss etc, he rang my friends who knew me but not him!! and told the most outrageous lies. I was shocked.
    #2. Universe will prevail, he will get his own.
    I know, not very deep.
    10 years on I am still broken, but not as much, I have some direction, a gathering of strength, motivation and commitment I never knew I had, and as Alison says – the tolerance for bullshit has absolutely gone.
    I also found I didn’t have an adequate language to express my grief/trauma – the word ‘gutted’ featured regularly until I began to listen to others, ask for help, and read more widely and gained a different view of how the world worked.
    you are a strong amazing woman, your beauty radiates in everything you do.

    take good care of your beautiful self and don’t jab too hard as you embroider…
    twinkles Julia

    • Whoa.

      Thank you for the blessings. Things are now where near that bad for us. In fact we are talking again. Cancer throws everything sideways, the betrayal was minor. We are now just planning on taking things easy and.plodding through the cancer challenge and keeping other plans to a minimum. Clearing.the table so to speak.

      • Hope you can work that all out. The relationship just might get a lot stronger through all this, CRAP. Sometimes people just dont know WHAT to do.. or say..better if they just be there. I will still do prayers, but may be send them up in the pillars of smoke trendals. shari
        ps. glad to see you are in the north west. and if you want me to finish that grand mothers flower garden quilt for you let me know.. I am a longarm quilter, will do by machine, did my moms it came out really great. IF not I will not be offended as you obviously like the hand work.

      • Shari, thank you for your kind wishes. You are right, things are evening out and things are rapidly becoming stronger, smoother, and better. I just sold the quilt tops to dear friend (who knew we had that exchange!) but I am in the long process of sewing up a quilt top and have know that I just don’t have the stamina to hand quilt any thing and will be looking for someone to commission to quilt it when I’ve got the top pieced.

        Thank you also for your prayers!

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