Jackie Lao update

So, here is the new plan. YAY!

I am going to purchase something called Feliway, a pheromone that seems to really calm cats down, especially in multi-cat households. The cat lady just introduced it into her home this past weekend and she said the change is amazing. I plan on using the diffuser in both rooms.

So. Feliway for a couple of days, litter box under the buffet in the outer room in addition to the one in the bathroom (two totally separate spaces), and we’re going to try one more time. If there are separate litter boxes and Miss Mitty doesn’t have to go through JL’s territory and there is something that calms them both down, then perhaps this might work.

I will pick JL up again on Saturday morning.

An aside, when I run the vacuum both JL and Miss Mitty hide under the bed with no hissing or anything. Me and the cat lady laughed thinking about the vacuum being our training tool. Just kidding! but the common enemy does seem to force them to set aside their differences.

5 thoughts on “Jackie Lao update

  1. At Safeway, you can get a bag of kitty litter called Feline Pine clumping (be sure it is the clumping and not the regular). I mix it about 1/3 pine to 2/3 clumping clay. It has a pleasant pine odor and *really* keeps down the kitty odor.
    Good luck with the re-integration.

  2. I have heard really good things about the pheromone thing! What a great idea.
    The things that have helped when my cats aren’t getting along-
    1. when I play with them (ie with a feather or string and feathery toy) together so that they get attention and play and work their aggression out and get tired and then just crash.
    2. When I have boarded them at the vet at the same time (ie not in the same kitty condo but next to each other)
    That worked wonders when I moved down here.
    3. and also when I have had them at the vet together and they do the same thing as your cats and hide together under something (just by the shared scary experience, kinda like the vacuum)
    I am wishing you oh so much kitty luck!!!

  3. There is no problem with the kitty litter. Never has been. Kitty litter is NOT the problem.
    Thanks for the luck. I didn’t know you were reading my journal.

  4. Hey beautiful woman!
    I am looking forward to seeing you at phones! I miss seeing you 🙂
    Anyway I wasn’t thinking that you should do these things, I was just letting you know that your comment about the vacuum being a training tool wasn’t as far off as one might think, and definitely cause for hope.
    My cats have at times been so much enemies that I had pondered which one I would let go if I had to (a really stressful line of thought, but a very real one when I was living down in White Center), and in the midst of all of that I found that when I have had them boarded and they had only each other that was familiar, they came home not hating each other, which I didn’t expect but was really pleased by.
    I have since found that when they get grumpy with each other that the whole playing thing diffuses that somehow.
    These things may be specific to my cats, but I thought I would just share, since there may be a time when the info is useful.
    I was so glad to see the post in which you said there was hope, cuz I was very sad about the kitty situation that you had been writing about.
    blessings to you and your furry friends.

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