A new chapter

A chapter of my life has closed. Many things left my life last year. Many people left my life last year. It is time for me to start a new journal to begin this new chapter of my life.

This is a filter friends only post. While I do not mind if random strangers read my journal, there were people I knew who have found this journal who I do not wish to know my business or my feelings.

I have had an account on wordpress since last spring and have decided to start using that journal now. I know this is inconvenient for those of you on LJ but I can’t help that. This is my journal for the purpose of processing my life and I need to start anew. The new journal is public however and I am going to give you the URL so that you can check in if you like. It just won’t show up in your LJ friends blogroll.

I will continue reading my LJ friends list and commenting so keep me on!

http://beweaver.wordpress.com/ this is where you can find me.

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