Cancer for the week

Here’s my Valentine message for you, Cancerian: The sea inside of you is not just at high tide, it’s at the highest tide possible — like what happens when the moon is full at the same time that it’s at its closest approach to Earth. To intensify the drama, the sea inside of you is stormy, with torrential rains pouring down from the heaven inside of you as winds bluster and lightning cracks. There are even water spouts rising up now and then. Yet from my perspective, it’s all gorgeous and majestic, a marvelous spectacle worthy of celebration. And since I’m confident no harm will come to you during this elemental interlude, I advise you to just enjoy the ride.Free Will Astrology

Wow. It’s funny. From the outside this is certainly what appears to be false. But inside, while I’m reading and nesting and watching Horatio Caine, things really are bubbling around in my heart and my mind. Designs, projects, possibilities, all kinds of things really. I predict a huge creative flooding very soon.

Ideas/concepts/designs I’m working on : Two wall hangings, one with the Goddess and one with the God. So far three designs are flitting around in there, haven’t settled on any one. But they all involve black felt in the background. I think. Charm bracelets and neckaces

Some new clothes made from several of the fabrics on hand, black rayon/linen blend, natural hemp knit for starters

A hanging (or two) inspired by the artword of Mary GrandPre whose work I first saw, I thought, on In the Land of Winter.


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