Wonders of living

Last night The Ex came over. He had volunteered to come by because he was in the area and I had requested that some day I be able to photograph some of the pouches I had made for him.

I was very nervous. We have not seen each other since the end of the breakup. Which was HIGH drama. Neither of us are really into drama although we do get it in our lives occasionally. We have spoken on the phone twice and that went pretty well. So last night was our first attempt at seeing what it would be like to be friends. I really didn’t want to cry. But I did. But they weren’t tears of pain this time. Just tears of emotions and even relief that we were able to communicate some of the things that we hadn’t been able to when in the thick of it.

The comment made by him that opened the tear flood gates was to this effect:

I want you to know that no matter what it was a privilege and an honor to consider you my partner and my lover…

I started crying so he didn’t finish. But.. goodness, here I am crying again. It’s really a shame that the timing this time around was just so off. We both made mistakes but this man? Is a truly good human being and so am I. We’re just meant to help each other in different ways for the rest of this lifetime.


I took photos of the pouches and have put them on my personal website http://www.harvestblessings.com

I put them here for your viewing convenience.

Dog Pouch: dogs and especially wolves. This tarot bag was made in the celtic style with wolves. Wool fabric with perl cotton and bone beads


Close up of the dogs


Stag Bag: also into stags like me, this tarot pouch is velveteen with perl cotton and glass beads


Close of the stag


Unicorn bag: This is bigger than the tarot pouches, made for him to wear to Faerieworlds last year. Wool fabric with perl cotton, glass beads, and bone with a braided strap.


Unicorn close up


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