Degrees of Closeness

I prefer that to degrees of separation. I was tickled several years ago when I found that I had 2 degrees of separation from Johnny Depp as my cousin played fiddle with one of his Austin friends, a fella who is on Depp’s only CD.

But it was nothing compared to when I found out that I am 2 degrees of closeness to the Dalai Lama. I was approached to do a quickie tutorial for some Buddhist nuns on html and decided it would be easier and more fun to just design a website for them, develop it. Then they could learn html at a community center and edit themselves. This is the website, BodhiHeart Sanga. It wasn’t until I read the content on the Teachers page that I discovered that these two wonderful nuns were both trained by the Dalai Lama himself. What an honor to be able to do this for them.

This Friday I found out that a friend, a communications guru, has been brought in to work with the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu on the Seeds of Compassion project. She’s peeing herself with joy. Very cool.

And this morning in my inbox? And invitation to attend the UW’s presentation to the Dalai Lama of an honorary doctorate and all staff and faculty are invited. “Following the conferral of the honorary degree, the Dalai Lama will address the audience on compassion and civic responsibility.” For free. I can hardly wait.



This past Saturday I went to hear the teaching/channeling of Jeshua. Before you get your pagan knickers in a twist, he considers all of us to be Christ, humans, animals, plants, everything is connected, everything is Divine. This is more new age than anything and my witchy self is more than welcome. Our beliefs are totally in sync, including chakra and magical work. He says ritual is not necessary and I agree, but I love ritual so there.

We listen to a teaching, about an hour, break for chat and treats and catching up. This is a very small event, usually about 20 people there, in a private home. Lots of friends, lots of fun. And I always get something out of it. Very cool messages about attraction, creating your own life, but mostly about Love. After the chat is a Q&A, everyone gets to ask a personal question.

The Ex was there. As I knew he would be. One of the reasons I wanted to see him privately first was to see how I would handle it in public. Went well. And he brought those pouches to show a mutual friend. A few others saw them too. And I received many compliments. I decided my question would be about finding a way to transition into becoming an artist at least part time. (He said that I would definitely make a name for myself but it would be a process and not to quit my day job anytime soon *laugh*). Okay.

After the break but before the Q&A someone in the “audience” was given the opportunity to promote his book which he had there, Dr. Noah. He told us a bit about himself and his amazing personal story and then taught us all the Breath of Fire. What an incredible breathing technique. His was done standing with arms out like a cross to the sides, a bit different from what I found online but really invigorating. My body aches from the day were gone almost immediately. Must do this daily…

Afterwards I purchased his book from him (he wrote a lovely note to me about how my art would change the world) and he asked if I had a card and a website because he would love to see my work. I was able to say that I actually had some samples of my work with me (well, with the ex) plus I had a work in progress with me as well. I think his jaw dropped when he saw it. Originally from Iran he noticed immediately that my work is inspired in part by the Central Asian Steppes and Central Asia in general. We had a really cool discussion and just about everyone there ended up fondling my work. A couple folks who actively want to promote it (which suddenly freaked me right out!) and are going to hook me up with a couple local shops that might be interested in selling my work.

I was high as a kite on the long drive home. Just walking into the place had been energizing, the place was just buzzing. By the time I left I was up in the clouds. Feet on the ground, heart and head in the clouds.

Suddenly all kinds of doors are opening, and really, all of them because of the ex. He brought me to the Jeshua sessions in the first place, none of this, with these people, would have happened without him. Thank you!

Ask and you shall receive.

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