Cancer for the week

There’s a place in Venezuela where lightning storms rage 10 hours a night, 150 days of the year. It’s where the Catatumbo River flows into Lake Maracaibo. Humans put their lives at risk to be near this persistent storm. The upside of the phenomenon is that it generates a significant portion of our planet’s ozone, and produces so much light that it helps ships navigate up to 250 miles away. If you encounter anything with a metaphorical resemblance to the Catatumbo lightning in the coming days, I suggest you enjoy it from a distance. That way, it’ll provide you with all of its benefits and none of its dangers.

I’m always amazed at the descriptions he comes up with. Sure don’t want to be struck by lightening but I certainly do enjoy a good show. Think I’ll keep to myself a bit for the next week. Which is what I planned to do anyway. I have no plans this weekend so creativity reigns.

Reserved my camp space for FaerieWorlds 2008. Loved it last year. They’ve extended it to 3 days this year but that is a bit much for me. One day was enough. That much heat and fun and people and energy just wears me out. My fibromyalgia just freaks. The only tough decision is whether I want to make the effort to go late Friday night to see the one band I want to see, Woodland. I was thinking about driving down Friday, setting up camp, lazing around (I got a site with some grass and sun and some shade yipyip!). The Fair on Saturday, noon to midnight. Then lazy Sunday, tear down camp, 6 hour drive home or maybe stop in Portland to see some friends and then home on Monday for the final leg of the drive.

To see pictures of last year, click here. The costume photos are so very inspiring. There will be amazing vendors there this year. Many more than last year and some real big names. Gotta save the dinero. From this point on it’s for FW 2008.

Getting my kit together for the Spring Faerie event will get me well on my way for the summer. As I was looking over my fabrics and options (and the cool rayons I got at Pacific Fabrics in the remnant bin) I realized that the one thing I don’t have myself is a cool pouch! Everyone else has them but me. Cracks me up. I was thinking of using one of my tarot bags but decided I wanted something bigger and new and re-usable and I didn’t want to mess with the card energy.

The wheels started turning and this is what I am working on now. The design is based on an art deco motif and will have trailing vines and bits. The velveteen was also a remnant and the other pieces, green wool and purple velvet I had hanging around in scraps. I save 90% of my scraps of a certain size because they are always handy for applique motifs.


Close up


There will be more to see next Monday as I plan on working on this a lot this weekend.

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