Wheel of the Year update

The wheel of the year project, the neverending project, progresses. I have details left to do for Imbolg, Lammas, and Beltaine. I could easily embellish this forever adding beads and other little details. Initially I set out to get each wheel piece to the point where I could call it good enough. But every time I add something it just gets better. Funny how that works with embroidery… So who knows how this will progress or how long it will take.

This is easily a simple chart of correspondences. Each section has an animal and a plant and the colors match the time of year as well. This is the piece that got me a yet to be scheduled appearance at a local Outer Grove to discuss art and magic and connection.

Here is a diagram of the proposed layout. Creme areas on a black background. Elements in each corner, design not drawn yet. Pentagram in the center. If I have the time or am inclined and grabbing that much fabric in my hand doesn’t knock my thumb out of socket (happens to me when I have a large bit of fabric to hold for embroidery, a hoop would probably help), I will add vines around the outer edge of the wheel and on the spokes.



wheelyearyule1.jpg wheelyearyule2.jpg

Imbolg (lambs need faces)

wheelyearimbolg.jpg wheelyearimbolg2.jpg


wheelyearostara1.jpg wheelyearostara2.jpg wheelyearostara3.jpg

Beltaine (frog needs an insect to eat)

wheelyearbeltaine1.jpg wheelyearbeltaine2.jpg


wheelyearlitha4.jpg wheelyearlitha2.jpg

Lammas (goose needs details including a face)

wheelyearlammas1.jpg wheelyearlammas2.jpg


wheelyearmabon1.jpg wheelyearmabon2.jpg


wheelyearsamhain1.jpg wheelyearsamhain2.jpg

2 thoughts on “Wheel of the Year update

  1. Hi there! I love you craft site! I’ve put you in my artist blogroll.

    Your poly clay box lids are uber cool. I’m jealous and covet a couple of them. I’ve got all I need in the poly clay thing but what I really need is a studio so I can leave everything out and make a mess and stuff.

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