Fae Jacket

As some of you may have guessed, I have an affinity with the Fae. That was one thing that Unca Tom gave me that was good. I’ve been seeing them ever since. And lately, I’ve been seeing them a LOT. Everywhere… Sometimes I find it disconcerting but mostly I just make note and go back to what I’m doing. I know that I really need to work on my yard to make it a better place for fae and devas. But for now I’m doing the textile thang.

When I was drinking I was into the very dark. VERY dark. I wore black and denim. Maybe a very dark red once in a blue moon. Rings on every finger, tough boots, attitude. Don’t talk to me about pink. I’ll rip your face off. That kind of attitude. As time passed in my sobriety I realized that I was looking at other colors. With JOY. No one was more surprised than me. And when I discovered last year that I adore pink AND sparkles it’s a wonder I didn’t have an aneurysm.

I tell you that so that you know that not all my faery kitch is pink and sparkly. I’ve got a dark Fae kit that I’m working on too. But right now? It’s pink, it’s blue, it’s lime green and it’s sparkley…

I made this jacket last year for Faerieworlds. But it was just too darned hot to even consider wearing it until dusk. I wore it to work and garnered no comments. Meh.

So I’m very pleased I get to bring it out on the 29th at the Spring Faerie Fest. I need to have photos taken at the festival so that they aren’t all fuzzy in the smoky mirror above my altar. The fourth image, closeup of the sleeve, is the best approximation of color.

Turquoise twill wool with a lime linen lining. The lining fabric is embroidered with sequins (the remnant came that way). The applique motifs are also wool. The metal central “bead” is really a reproduction button from a 20’s design. I cut off the shank and used it as a plaque. Perl cotton and beads. All visible sewing is by hand, including the lining attachment that you see in the sleeve closeup. The applique motifs were organically designed by me. It started with the buttons and just kind of designed itself. I think of them as passion flowers, they certainly are the spacey kind of look, alien flora.






6 thoughts on “Fae Jacket

  1. Hi!, glad you like the mud girls, I want a house like that now.
    I have come to visit before, and your work is beautiful, your embroidery has a lot of patience in it and surety of technique and explore glitter till it comes out your ears! I love this jacket.

    I must show your work to my mum, she was the one who taught me how to sew and knit. She would like this a lot.
    love and light x

  2. Thanks for stopping by!

    I would love love love a cob house but would settle for a cob studio. A little round studio with interesting windows and relief motif walls… a little pellet stove a cat a needle and thread and I’m in heaven.

    My mum taught me to sew but my grandmother taught me embroidery. But what really got me going was not being able to stop. I live for it. And it seems to live for me.

    Bright blessings,
    Cynthia with glitter coming out her ears…

  3. Awww. You are so nice! A little secret. I had fully intended to put vines on the entire thing, front back sides with beads but by the time I got the front right top section done, *I* was done. *laugh* I tend to plan really time consuming projects… So many thoughts, so little time.

  4. That does not lessen its beauty. Maybe *you* needed to be done because IT needed to be done? Maybe it wanted to be more simple than you had planned? Considering I think that most, if not all, of our creations take on a life of their own once they get one step beyond idea into real. That is why it is so very often that what we start out with and what we end up with is sometimes so completely different.

  5. Fox, thanks! It’s funny but I was just discussing that with some friends last night.

    And you are right. The beginning plan rarely resembles the end product. 🙂

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