Back to work

I took yesterday off, was having a bad fibromyalgia day. *sigh* Didn’t do much at all. Which was good. A couple of friends came by to chat in the evening. We had planned it weeks ago and since Roberta had just lost her mother we wanted to go forward. We spent several hours talking about the process of dying and our parents and everything in between and connected.

I got no stitching done but I did get the faerie top cut out while we chatted. Night is a much better time of day for me than morning. Since I don’t generally wear dresses or use commercial patterns there are adjustments to make. I am making this shorter and also adding length to the sleeves. Tunic length. The fabric is a gorgeous plummy eggplanty color. I love the Grecian aspects of this design and while all the elastic channels and bits and pieces throw me off a bit I think this is very cute and worth the headache. Butterick 5130


I’m considering making some clothing pieces for sale as well as pouches, altar tool bags, hats, and the like. But clothing pieces take up a lot of fabric and initial outlay and sometimes more time. But perhaps robes and separate hoods. I like the idea of a separate hood for several reasons.



Because it has a mantle this hood can keep you surprisingly warm without a cloak if your garments are warm. Also, you can take it off when it’s too hot outside. You can wear it only when you are doing some ritual mystery and need covered heads. I feel that they give more options. Plus, imagine how you could embellish the skirt of the mantle. Pentagrams all around!

Would you like a hood that you can remove depending on need?

FoxChild had a great idea. Making a blogroll category for cool pagan shops where the stuff there is made by the seller. Unique items not found anywhere else kind of things. As soon as I get a moment the categorization will begin.

I also stumbled upon a group of pacific northwest pagan artists who are pooling their resources to rent booths at a couple festivals. FaerieWorlds is one of them. I would LOVE to try and sell things at Faerieworlds but the cheapest booth is $450 with no extras. To pool resources and time committments with others would be a huge boone. What a great idea! I hope they find this year such a success that they do this again next year.

I don’t have enough stock to sell this summer but I do hope to have enough to show and sell at OLOTEAS’ Concentric Circles event in September. And then get inventory going for next year’s spring and summer festivals.

It’s very heartening to see that the moment I decided to go for it and paid for a sponsored account on witchvox for the sole purpose of selling my stuff I started tripping over all kinds of network connections. Why am I always surprised? But I guess I love surprises and this is great.

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