Cancer for the week

Some readers get mad when I quote leaders they consider immoral. If you’re like that, you may be upset that this horoscope cites Jack Welch. He was the longtime CEO of General Electric, which makes critical components for more nuclear weapons systems than any other company. (So says the Academy-Award-winning documentary film Deadly Deception: General Electric, Nuclear Weapons, and Our Environment.) In my defense, my policy is to learn from everyone, even villains and adversaries I disagree with. The coming weeks will be an excellent time for you to adopt that same attitude. I suggest that you gather information from every useful source as you rev up and fine-tune your ambition. Now here are Welch’s rules for success: 1. Control your destiny or someone else will. 2. Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it would be. 3. Be candid with everyone. 4. Change before you have to.

You know, I’ve been leaning this way of late. I feel very motivated to get going on selling my work on a more regular basis. The way I’ve been doing things up to now is when I get tired of something I sell it. Or if I’m going on a trip or want to do a bit of a fundraiser, I sell something. Most of the rest I give away.

That is going to change. I’m trying everything I can think of to make it possible to promote my work. Several years ago I made some pouches for an online merchant, Autumns Path, but they seem to have disappeared as so many do. To the best of my knowledge none of my pouches sold. But when folks hold them in their hands, they sell. Yes indeed they sell.

With that aim in mind I am going to begin to work to control this aspect of my destiny. I plan on having my work at the following events in the next 18 months as well as online.

  • Fires of Lughnasadh ~ July 2008
  • Concentric Circles ~ September 2008
  • Spring Faerie Fest ~ March 2009
  • Campus Cats ~ July 2009 fundraiser
  • Faerieworlds – Summer 2009

This might not sound like much but when you consider that so much of my work is hand sewn and that sometimes I have to let my bleeding fingers take a break (I’m completely serious) That’s quite a bit of work if I’m also receiving commissions. I expect that more of my commissions will come from folks seeing my work in person than from online but you never know.

I hope I don’t sound too mercenary but I would love to cut back on my mundane work hours and devote more time to other pursuits. Just one more day a week would rock!

I’m trying to get my name and sites out there as much as I can. In some ways I’m grateful right now that I’m single (I could not have said that at Yule) because I’ve got a lot going on. Universe? Do not take that to mean you must hold back the lover/partner/friend. Bring him on! Just bring on the new friends, the new customers, and new horizons too.

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