Artists I run across

Don’t have much new of my own to report today so I thought I would put in some plugs for other artists of a pagan bent. These fine artists were found by searching with the search term “pagan”. There were lots to choose from, all very nice, but these stood out to me as being more innovative than the usual. Follow the breadcrumbs to find the artists that make YOU smile.

Green Woman Crafts – Among her many beautiful offerings is a handmade wooden ogham set. I knew I’d kick myself if I didn’t buy these because I’ve been wanting to make a set. But there is no way I could collect all the woods needed in any easy and harmless way. I just bought a set because it is so very special. The artist responded quickly to my communications. Top of my list today…

Thyme2Dream – lovely wire jewelry, her circlets and ear cuffs are just stunning.

Dolphin Daze – Goddess pendants, hand painted, one of kind, very well done

Unleash the Goddess – Bright beautiful prints

Revelations North – Sculpted wire jewelry

Wing and Talon – Leather goods. yuuuummmmy

Greenfingers – knitted beauties, including 3-d knitted goddesses

Kreativlink – handmade leather journals

I could go on and on.


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