Oh what a beautiful morning…

Yes, I feel like a cheesy hollywood musical this morning. Except that I’m at work…

I had two Ostara ritual options this past Saturday and I didn’t do either. I guess I’m not ready yet to go out and do ritual with a bunch of strangers. *sigh* I did buy some lovely daffodils for the mantle, admired the sproinging beauty of my yard and surrounds, and put out all my bunnies. Dinner last night with the family where we discussed the resurrection and how the Catholic church is nothing but a pack of lies to forward their power and wealth. We talked about the black Madonna, paganism, how everything is connected. Yes, these are the progressive folks who raised me beginning 48 years ago. I’m a lucky woman. Yay me!

As I was leaving work on Friday, I snapped a couple shots of the cherry trees that were just beginning to blossom


and are now in full glory. Pretend you hear the robins signing…


I work in this building on the right. Lucky me.




And her babies. I love this on these old trees. Every year they go through and prune off the sucker twigs that grow but they leave the blossoms so we can enjoy the lovely starry blossoms against the moss.


1 thought on “Oh what a beautiful morning…

  1. Our blossom isn’t out yet to this extent – a sea of pink and white to greet you against a blue sky! Lucky thing!

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