Fait Accompli

The dark night charm necklace is complete. I spent most of Saturday making my first jump rings, all the while not feeling comfortable because in my experience stuff slips through the jump ring split. And as soon as I got the necklace done, that is exactly what happened. It was probably partially the weight that was to blame but I spent too much time and too many momentos on it to risk losing any. So, what to do?

After much mulling over (go do something else while subconscious comes up with a plan) and making the new eggplant top on Sunday, I decided to make wire wrapped connectors that have no openings. The work went pretty fast too.

I will be able to wear this Saturday to the spring faery festival. It won’t really match. But that’s cool.  Over time the silver will tarnish a bit and the whole thing will be much darker. I could force the tarnish using liver of sulphur but because it can harm some of the things on the necklace I think Nature will take care of it just fine.





2 thoughts on “Fait Accompli

  1. all i can say is WOW. your necklace is breathtaking! that thing must weigh a ton! beautiful! and i wanted to say thank you for your good advice regarding my friend. bright blessings! angela

  2. You are right! The necklace is quite heavy. But not too bad. I’ll find out how it goes this weekend at the spring festival. I’ll be wearing it for about 6-8 hours so we’ll see how my neck feels half way through. 😉

    Glad to help with your friend. Hope it all works out well, but then everything always does.


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