Things that make me smile

I’ve had a sore throat this week and had a long awaited dentist appointment yesterday. Interesting combination.  Five teeth needed some work, mostly preventive but one tooth needed a new filling as the old was toast. My two top incisors were getting terribly worn down thanks to an enthusiastic dentist who filed them down with a sander when I was 12. The dentin was eroding and the biting edge was getting brittle and was slowing chipping away. This new dentist? Is the bomb. Cuz my two front teeth look perfect. They feel even better. No more chipping or sharp teeth (it wasn’t that bad but you know how you worry stuff with your tongue?).

Back at work with perfect teeth, a cancre sore, and it’s colder than a witches tit outside. I only say that cuz this witch froze walking to the office from the parking lot.

A co-worker who occasionally brings me treats that he’s concocted in his kitchen brought me the year’s first perfect strawberry, organic, from California. It was so pretty I just looked at it and smelled it for awhile. Took a couple photos and had to share. It tasted good too.


And now, Cat Blogging (ala Hecate)

Miss Mitty, Queen of All She Surveys which includes a statue of Hebe and the periwinkle in bloom on the patio


She is so not impressed with the camera


She hates the camera but she loves me.


2 thoughts on “Things that make me smile

  1. Sounds like a guy I used to work with (way back when I actually left the house to go to a “real” job). He is the one thing I miss about working.

    Can your cat come stay with me? I’m sure she would get along wonderfully with mine. 😀 She is beautiful!

  2. *laugh* She’s more than beautiful. She’s sweet. Sweetalicious. I sometimes call her mommy because she loves to wash my hands. Yes, I wash my hands, too often probably, but she loves to do and she will get her way. And I love it when she sticks her paw under the covers and taps my arm. A little stickery as her claws don’t retract all the way, but it’s so frikking cute.

    I could go on and on and on….. including that she is a sexy beast. Just no denying it.

    I loves me some Miss Mitty

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