The new bag templates

Over the past few days in my not so copious spare time, I have been working on getting the new tarot bags ready for embellishment. I decided which designs to use, including some new ones, drew up the motifs for the iron on adhesive, cut them out, ironed them, cut them out, ironed them, cut out the fabric for the pouches themselves, and began the embellishment on one pouch. Time intensive and there is velveteen fluffy pile everywhere and in everything…

Some days my camera doesn’t take very good pictures and today is one of them… The colors on these bags just don’t look anything near as rich as they are in person.

Black wool with rust wool applique. It makes me think of a pentagram that Mary Engelbreit would draw and I’m reconsidering the french knots. The rust is so much rustier than here. Really going to have to work hard on my photos for online selling because this just isn’t right.


The goddess is a lovely bronze silk


Greenman all velvets, the colors are much more lush


Lotus – goodness tha’s blurry

Navy velveteen with silver silk, again the colors are much more lush


The colors on the leaves is just wrong, much more rusty and gold, deeper, less bright.


Gold should be richer, chocolate velveteen with green velvet leaves


The colors are especially bad here, the red is deeper


Bronze silk on green velveteen


Deeper red and gold


Nay velveteen with silver silk


Colors hosed here too, lime green and turquoise, very deep, not faced like this.


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