Sun Wheel Pentagram goodness

After this I’ll try and keep my updates on the bag progress to a weekly post. Tried to get some better shots.


Not so Mary Engelbreit today. Took the red out and used blue. Which toned the cute factor down just a tidge. And now I have the colors of the 4 elements together.


This will be one of the simple cheaper designs. Just a bit more to do and that one is good to go.


And here is what my fingers go through. I really dislike thimbles because I can’t feel anything with one on and that affects my fine motor skills. A lot. When I say I sew until I bleed I’m not kidding. My two middle fingers are on their way to being ground hamburger by the end of today or tomorrow. But with a healthy dose of Rescue Remedy cream I can coax them into being calluses by the weekend. But no helping it, a sharp little needle is a sharp little needle.


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