I have to say something. Last week marked the 5th anniversary of the Terrorist Action of the US Against Iraq. And so many blogs that I consider to be progressive and right thinking and caring made me pretty angry. I can’t tell you how many pagan blogs I read that were just pissed off at the 4,000 dead U.S. soldiers. It IS a shocking number considering that we shouldn’t be at war at all. Truly it is. BUT…

There are over 90,000 dead Iraqi CITIZENS because of our aggression in Iraq. 90,000+ Why isnt’ that number sending us into apoplectic fits? Why didn’t anyone in the pagan blogs I read give the number that was really shocking? (some people are saying between 150,000 and 600,000 Iraqis have died)

The US was involved in Vietnam for almost 20 years (the actual fighting was 1965-73) and 58,193 US soldiers died. There are estimates that maybe 2,000,000 Vietnamese civilians died. Another ridiculous war where our young and theirs were killed for nothing.

I’m telling you that just makes me sick.

I’m just heartsick that we are hurtling into war with Iran. Just Sick.

The Druid Journal is talking about it.  Go Druids!


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