The Medieval Tailor website

The Medieval Tailor website,, is going to be
removed from the server on April 30th. I will keep the files and if I move to a
server eventually that has more file space, I will put it back up. If someone
with free server space wanted to host it for the good of the SCA then by all
means contact me. I have no desire to keep this info from folks, it is free and
available to all. I just don’t have room for the things that pertain to my
current life and this has to go.

Consider this your notice that if you want to keep the demos, you can either
print them or you can “save as” and keep a digital copy of any pages you might

Also, there are a few last things still for sale. If they do not sell, I will
keep them, not give them away.

Please feel free to forward this notice far and wide so as many people who need
to see this will. I’ve also put a notice up on the home page for the site.

Thanks for the memories!!


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