Sacredly Naked

From Free Will Astrology:

In recent years there has been a rash of climbers shedding all their clothes on Mount Everest. A sherpa by the name of Lakpa Tharke claims the world’s record for high-altitude nudity, having stood skyclad for three minutes at the 29,035-foot summit. Some Nepali authorities are seeking a ban on such displays, believing that it defiles the revered mountain. “How would Westerners feel about people stripping in church?” they ask. Not meaning any disrespect to them, I urge you, Cancerian, to make “in the buff on the holy mountaintop” your power metaphor of the week. Blend sacredness and nakedness in any way that appeals to your imagination, especially if it’s in high places or makes you high.

Do I have to do it alone? Spring has sprung and my mind has turned to looooove. And well, yeah, lust. *sigh* I no longer do lust without love (been there done that). Eyes are open. I know you’re on your way lover man. When? Where? Oh, wait, I’m supposed to be naked on a mountaintop. A freezing cold mountain top. I think the naked is the point of this but how can one miss that at 29,000 feet there is no warmth and no oxygen. heh.

So I’m going with the last sentence, which is so easy for this pagan. Sacred and naked, blended. Hmmm. How many ways I do this?

  • A bath comes first to mind, well after the sex thought of course. Hmmm maybe sex AFTER the bath…
  • Do I eat a mango naked like Sark recommends?
  • Self Blessing Ritual

or maybe he means figuratively…

  • Vulnerable
  • Open
  • Naked to the world
  • Play the fool (it IS april)

Hmmm, I think I already do all this stuff… Oh, which is a nice segue for a compliment I received from this weekend.

Evidently I am a Hottie. This was said by two people. Nice tush was mentioned too. I’m just pleased as punch that at 48 I can still make them talk.


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