Art and Love and Money

This is how it comes out of me without editing.  *laugh*  Transcripts exerpt from the last Jeshua session regarding my question about art and making a living.

Beloved beautiful one, how are you in this evening?

Cynthia: I’m good (Yes, you are) It’s good to see you (It is good to be seen) I just thought, as she asked about Al, that I just wanted to say, “Hi Marge; I’m thinking of you.” I hope she’s doing alright (Very good. Thank you for saying that; she will be pleased) Good.

I don’t really know how to phrase the question, so I’m just going to throw out some of the thoughts that are going and see what you can do with that. Several years ago I went back to school, thought I wanted to be working in the tech world as an artist, as a web designer, and that meant I had to take a lot of art classes, and it really changed my life. I’ve been sewing and doing art and painting since I was a child, but I discovered that I was actually good in school, and I can’t stop, and I’m bored out of my mind as a webmaster. I thought…you know, as far as jobs go, it’s the best I’ve ever had. I work with nice people. It’s clean. It’s not bad, but I’m bored, and I find myself being really drawn…my art has changed, and it’s becoming more involved with the sacred and with Gaia, and there’s a lot of power in it for me, and it speaks to me a lot.

I laughed when you talked about beggars living off the generosity of others, because that’s what most artists have done over the years, is hope that a patron would be there. You know, I’ve been homeless in this lifetime. I’ve lived in a condemned hotel. I know what that’s like; one can of tuna and me and the cat, you know, who eats. Just guess. So now I have no interest in going there again, and I know that I create my own reality, so where can I go with this? I feel like I’m being led to do something, but what can I see for myself in that world with that life?

Jeshua: Meantime, continue to see the joy in the employment that you have and the people that you associate with. You are not just there in order to do the work that is given to you. You are there to interact with the people. You have been invited to be there to bring out the best in them, to see the best in them, and to see how that mirrors the value of you. You are very valuable, and as you see that in other ones, it mirrors to you your own worth. So it is not just…and this is true for all of you, for any employment that you are involved in…you are there not so much to do the work that is given to you as you are to be in companionship with the other ones and to appreciate Who they are—capital “W”—Who they are, and to play with them. That will relieve a bit of the boredom, and it will keep the golden coins coming in while you are developing what you truly love to do: the artwork, the embroidery that you think is not going to bring you the golden coins as much as what you are doing now. But, in time, what you are putting together with the embroidery, the artwork that you do, is going to make you a name that is going to be sought after, where ones will pay a good price for what you have to offer because it is unique. Now, that is not on the morrow. It is going to be a little while yet, but it’s not going to be too long. So, as they say in your world, keep your day job (Laughter) and develop what you love in your spare time, and keep the vision in front of you, that truly the art that you enjoy is going to bring joy to others and they are going to value it, because when they look upon it, it is going to open their heart, their heart chakra and their heart, and do healing in that way. So what you do with the embroidery you do, first of all, for yourself because you enjoy it and it brings you joy, but it is not merely for you. It is for other ones down the road a ways, where they are going to feel the love that you have put into it, and they are going to feel the beauty that you have seen first in the mind and then been able to translate into something tangible that they can then feel, touch, look at, and value.

Cynthia: Exactly, because for me it’s about, I don’t know, it’s about magic. When I tried to create art at one point, with the idea of selling it, I couldn’t stand anything I made (Right) and nobody bought it (Laughter)(Strange, yes) And you know, amazing how that is, so it really is about love, and so I give away a lot of stuff. I don’t sell it; I usually make it to give. So it’s kind of hard to see, you know, wow, would somebody actually just pay for my love offering (Yes) Thank you so much (You are welcome)

1 thought on “Art and Love and Money

  1. This is a beautiful conversation and so uplifting. Thank you for letting us in on your intimate moments with Him…

    Thank YOU for appreciating the reality of this. It’s very hard for me to admit that I do this each month because I so dislike being judged as crazy. *laugh* But hearing Him speak brings me great peace and joy.

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