Please little faeries

Will the faeries who are good at finding lost things, please put my silver bracelets that I am missing somewhere obvious today? I’ve looked everywhere I can think of and can’t find them. Where oh where can they be? Are they under the bed? In the sewing box? The freezer? Please oh please, I am sentimentally attached to them as they were love gifts…

3 thoughts on “Please little faeries

  1. Did you ever think that it just might have been them that took them in the first place? Haha!! Fairies… Got to love them!

  2. Yes! Which is why I look weird places like the freezer and under the lettuce in the fridge. But darn it, so far no luck. I’ve looked a lot of places. It makes me sad, especially the one my brother brought back from Nepal 30 years ago. That one meant a lot. Neither can be replaced. *sigh*

  3. I have a booger that takes and hides my jewellry, particularly on heavy gold and tourmaline ring. It’s gone again, right out of my trinket box.

    Unless it’s ‘enemy action’, they will show up!!

    I keep trying to visualize them back on my wrist. I keep looking odd places for them, like between my mattresses. There’s hope still! Cynthia

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