Ramping up

Things are starting to get very busy for me right now. I had intended to make a bunch of stuff to sell in late summer/early fall. A couple days ago I got an email telling me that a local event was accepting vendors who could set up for free. It’s two weeks away. I don’t have a rainsafe booth yet but another vendor offered to share his space with me.

I went over the bags I’ve been working on and realize that I’ve been making astonishing headway. That I could actually have a dozen bags to sell and also some wire jewelry. Crazy busy and working fulltime and Saturday metalsmith class too…

Ride ’em cowboy!

It’s tough to know when to stop. I want to provide a wide variety of price ranges, from $35 to $100. Obviously the more time I spend on them the more embellished and expensive they become. I think the most difficult thing I’m facing is how to price them. I want them to be affordable but I also want to value my time and skill. Decisions decisions.

The other question on my mind is what symbols would folks like to see that I’m not offering. And I must make some business cards before then too because I really want to take commissions, especially for banners and robes.

I would also like to have one new robe and a hood made. Just to show the variety of wares I am capable of.

Here are some pics of some of the pouches that are well on their way to being at least done enough, just need to put the beads on and construct the pouch itself.

3 thoughts on “Ramping up

  1. I am so bad… I have *finally* figured out how to syndicate your feed so I can see your posts with the rest of my silly friends list. I’ve really missed your posts!!!!

    Symbol wise, I am uncommon fond of an 8-spoked wheel symbol. Your work is lovely 🙂

    Don’t feel bad, that whole syndicated feed thing messed up my head completely! I still got to my LJ friends list to catch up. *laugh* So glad to see you here, I miss you too!

    Doh oh the 8 spoked wheel thingie. Should have been obvious to me.

  2. I lovelovelove that pentagram / leaf motif. You are so clever!

    I would like to talk to you about doing a small piece of work for me – I have recently been given a cloak, as you know, and there’s a panel at the neck which does instead of a clasp – it seems like the perfect place for one of your mistresspieces, beweaver!!

    I’d be happy to talk to you about this. Some thingsto think about.

    How does the cloak close if not with a clasp? What is the size and shape of the panel? What motifs are you considering? I know your new cloak is midnight blue, yes? Where do you live. Would I send you a finished motif for you to attach or do you plan on sending the cloak?

    You can email me at beweave1 at comcast dot net and we can talk further…

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