oh my aching…

Oh my aching body. I hurt all over. Sore throat, sore muscles, slight ear ache. I was so busy this weekend perhaps my fibromyalgia is giving me a reminder that it is real and hasn’t gone away…

I had class on Saturday. Learned how to make a silver solder. And I have to say I made a beautiful join. No lumps, no bare spots, the solder didn’t jump from the join to the sheet metal. I’m feeling very proud of myself.

Then answering phones at my 12 step office (my group does this every second Saturday afternoon). I was so tired that I didn’t go to my Saturday evening event. I went home and played with wire and jewels.

Sunday I went shopping for some supplies that I think I will need because I did find someone willing to share his booth with me at OLOTEAS Beltaine. I had some card stock sitting around and made up some business cards, earring cards, and pouch tags.

My house was a disaster as I’ve been so busy stitching that I had to give it a little bit of TLC. But I’m feeling very sad about my poor neglected garden. Maybe next weekend I’ll be able to spend some time out there but it’s doubtful. I will be finishing the pouches (sewing together and adding cords and tassels), maybe sew up a hood and I need to do the finishing on my Harvest Blessings banner. I finished the embroidery last year but I’ve not yet finished the edges and backed it with hanger bits. Busy busy busy

So when I woke up this morning after weird dreams that I don’t remember I had a big ol’ migraine (which my meds have given it a run for) and my shoulders and neck and butt hurt. My butt? Must have been all that sitting…

Here are some pics of the earrings I made on Saturday night.And the two pouches that are complete in their embellishment, 10 to go. I have no idea if they are something folks will buy, if my pricing is appropriate, but I do know that if none of them sell, I like them all and will have joy wearing them…

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