Wiccan Fundies

A couple of questions that are nagging at me…
When your priestess, or you, channel your God/dess after drawing down the moon/sun and s/he speaks, what “collaborative data independent of the channeler” do you receive that makes you believe it is the God/dess? You do realize that drawing down the moon and the sun are not only channeling but possession. Yes?

Do you think SHE is a demon or a trickster sent to mess you up? How is it you can tell She isn’t?

Shouldn’t I be assumed to hold the same ability to discern?

Why is it when I say the channeling I go to is true I get a warning? That the channeling I attend is New Age and not a part of Wicca. What is it that makes it not Wicca?

Channeling and possession are totally part of Wicca so why does it matter who is doing the channeling? How do you know that the person who channels Jeshua isn’t a priestess? How do you know that we don’t ground and center and create a circle? Is it only because of WHO she is channeling that it becomes suspect and not Wicca or a mish mosh of Christian and New Age gullibility?

When you call on Odin or Brighid or Hekate or Tammuz, when does it stop being Wicca? Why isn’t calling on the deity Jesus just as okay as calling on Herne? They are both Lord of the Dance and rebirth aren’t they? They aren’t from the same places in the world but there is far less evidence for Herne as deity than for Jesus.

To me, Jesus is the Middle Eastern Quan Yin, in a very yang kind of way. Cuz there is no doubt that he is a very healthy and robust male.

I’m over here trying like crazy to keep laughing.

5 thoughts on “Wiccan Fundies

  1. I’ve always felt that in Wicca we can choose, or more we are chosen, to call upon whomever we want to. I am a Solitary Practitioner and don’t adhere to any rules that may have been set forth save for the Rede and Rule of 3. Maybe that’s where the difference comes in, that you can accept that there are many Deities out there of many cultures and paths, not a single person can tell us who is right or wrong to call upon/worship/be with. Keep calling on your God/desses, you know who is right for you. And with that, I’m going to say hello to my friend, Pele.

  2. Exactly! It’s been a very interesting conversation over on the email list. It’s okay to invoke deity but channeling is seriously suspect and therefore one should be wary.

    Talk about bigotry…

    Yay! Pele! I got to meet her up close and personal on my only trip to Hawaii. Such beauty, such power, such unpredictablity.

  3. This is in no way meant to be critical of you at all, just me shooting out some random thoughts here… Why does it matter what others think about what you do anyway? Why does it matter what label you put on what you do? If it is what feels right for you and it works for you, who cares about all the rest. To those that it bothers or that say that what you do is wrong, who died and made them Goddess to say what is right and what is wrong?

    We are each unique individuals who learn and work in our own individual ways. What works for High and Mighty won’t necessarily work for you or me. All that really matters is that we walk the path that is right for us and that the Divine has nudged us to so that we may do and learn what we need to in this life.

  4. Ah. I think you misunderstand. I certainly didn’t intend it to imply that. These were just questions about their own belief systems.

    I don’t care what they think of me at all. I’m entirely concerned that they simply think that. It’s so closeminded, so bizarre to me.

    I would simply be horrified if Wicca went the way Fundamental Christianity. Closed minds and narrow viewpoints. It has nothing to do with how they see me. But how they see the world.

    I thought Wiccans arguing about who belongs, well I thought we had moved past those days. It keeps the newcomers, our life blood, away.

    In the end, it would mean that I would have to veer off the wide road I thought I was on because it wasn’t wide at all and wander off into the wild. Not the worst thing at all. But kind of lonely.

  5. Sorry! Totally misread what you were writing. 😀

    That is one of the things I dislike the most and probably why I don’t consider myself Wiccan. For me at least, there are just way too many that want to tell me that what I do or don’t do makes me something else or that I am wrong. That isn’t who I am. I don’t want any part of the elitism. I just want to be able to follow my heart and the Divine and then share whatever insights I may have with those that may get something from it as well. Nice and simple.

    Exactly. The elitism just makes me sick. If you say you’re a Wiccan you are. One of the things I like about Wicca was that there wasn’t a big boss with The One True Way.

    I just received an email asking me if I read the website that evidently goes along with the email list. I think I’m about to be uninvited. *laugh* Don’t worry, the door won’t hit me in the ass.

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