Those were the days

I mentioned in a recent post that I had spent time supporting muscians, as a fan and as a girlfriend. Variant Cause was one of the bands. The lead singer songwriter Jan is putting up their vids on youtube. Boy did this bring back some incredibly great memories…

Me in the 80’s, Sunday morning after a Variant Cause gig out of town…

Life was really crazy and those days certainly contributed to my fall from grace with alcohol and drugs but a good time was had by all. What an honor to be a part of that. Still gets my energy popping. They backed up Iggy Pop, Ian Hunter, and others.

Ryco, the bass player, voted best bass player in Seattle in The Rocket magazine, was my guy for three years. Was it really 3 years Ryco? He wrote this morning and I had to go check it out. It was even stranger and more fun in person. Jan used to say they could clear a bar in 10 minutes flat. But the other musicians? Always came when they weren’t playing a gig themselves. Which I thought was cooler.

The sound quality and film quality ain’t nothing to write home about. The crotch shots of Greg are mind puzzling, I think they thought they were zeroing in on his flying fingers but it reminds me of Spinal Tap (a movie we LOVED and watched often) and I think they had a film break

This one is dedicated to Frankie and Annette. They were sisters. Annette was my roomie and eventually my sister in law for many years. Moving Violation “under a summer dress havoc round the waist every part of her miss demeanor she’s a moving violation”

Annette (Miss Nettie), Ryco, Greg the guitarist, and I shared a house for a couple years. Party down when we weren’t off to a gig. oh, so many memories come back. I should post up a couple pics one day.

1 thought on “Those were the days

  1. LOVE the hair! LOL And I’m fairly certain I have a pic at home, with me wearing glasses almost identical to those.

    🙂 CUTE

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