Pouches ~ Done

I’ve been cranking out the work of late. I had planned on finishing the pouches this week but was able to finish them all by last night. I didn’t have much free time but now I can breath free and work on the metalsmith class work and make some more earrings. Found some truly gorgeous little shells that are naturally irridescent fae green. I have plans for two pairs of shell earrings. So the rest of this week will about fun. Yay!

Who knows how things will go at Beltaine. The weather report isn’t promising and the vendors must be outside. So we’ll see if folks are buying. I have no idea what to expect as this is my first time and it’s a small event. Whatever I don’t sell will go in my etsy store and I will begin selling online May first. Yay!

So, here are the pouches. I see when I take pictures of them they are in no way square, but half a bubble off plumb. This is not the effect I get in person but it concerns me when selling on etsy…

Leaf Pentragram: Horn beads (the tassels are not purple, trick of the light, they are reddish brown)

Lotus: Shell beads and little trumpet flowers

Triple Moon: Moon stones and pearls

Sun Pentagram: Horn and jade

Stag: Bone, jade, and wood

Snake: Jade and horn

Red Pentagram: Amber and horn

Red Pentagram: Horn

Raven: Hematite

Goddess: Moonstone with crystal flowers

Oak leaves: Shell and acorn charm

Moon and Star: Moonstones and pearls

Not for sale, a gift for a friend the minute my candle order comes in…

Celtic Dogs: Pearl and bone

1 thought on “Pouches ~ Done

  1. I’m loving these!! I still don’t know what I want yet. I may just have to have you make me one special (because I’m a snot that way! 😀 )

    You just let me know foxxie… I’m making a special one for Grace, the celtic dogs was a request.

    My problem now is trying to figure out what prices to give them, how much to pay myself for the time.

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