My boss

I just have to say that this guy is a jackass. I sure wish his wife was still my boss. And that we’d never hired him.

He just walked all the way down the hall to tell me to add a publication that he has in his files. Why not just add the one frikking publication that is in the file open on your computer into the biosketch document that is ALSO open on your and save yourself the following?

  • the walk
  • the stress
  • the joy of telling me I missed something, that he is right and I’m a screw up
  • the walk back to close the frikking biosketch so I can make the addition because I? can only access it read-only because all the files? Are open on HIS computer

Nothing gives him more pleasure than to tell someone they missed something. He forgets that my doing this project was because he failed to do it himself and I was bailing him out by pasting crap in the document and then he could format and edit when he returned. He frikking BEGGED me 10 minutes before he left for a week. Words can’t describe what I think of the little tightly wound despot.


Oh, wait, I guess words CAN describe…

And then he comes by and tells me I’m doing a great job… *sigh*

1 thought on “My boss

  1. What a make-work! Chk my email for more trenchant comments about the male race and their obtuseness! WHAT ARE THEY FOR!!! 🙂

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