I know! Too many posts per day…

I suffer from the dilemma of thinking that each topic should have it’s own post. I could write one post per day, big and long and scattered. Or write several posts that are focused and organized by category. And since this is for me to refer back to as well as to be interesting, I’ve decided that is the way it must be. The good news for you who can’t keep up is that I never write on the weekends as I don’t have computer access on those days. And sometimes these are really organizational notes to self.


I keep brainstorming things I can make that would be fun for people to buy and enjoy. I am going through my house every evening pulling things I can display as samples and for ideas for things to make and commissions I can do.

This wool bag, lined with vintage linen, and embroidered with silk ribbon, perl cotton, and wool applique, was made to hold two silver plated goblets I have. I am saving the goblets for the day when I have a partner who will hold sabbats and esbats with me… (and before you think that’s nuts, let me just say I consider that to be part of the visualization, I have red toothbrush waiting for him too. *wink*)

Goblet Bag

Goblet bag

A simple little pillow I made up one evening. Velveteen with perl cotton, the back is black flannel with little orange moons and stars on it. It is about 6″ x 18″, just right for lumbar support.

Witch Pillow

I plan on making up several of the pillows in different colors and with different sayings on them:
Blessed Be
Best Witches
The Witch Is In
Witchy Woman

and different designs
Moon and Tree
Cauldron and Cat

I got 4 checkbook covers started last night. Two are mostly embroidered, I should be able to get one more done tonight plus the earrings I had intended on making last night but got sidetracked with powders and checkbook covers. Two black, two gold, one of each has a red pentagram with little green leaves and a green pentagram with oak leaves. A couple vines and I’m solid. Sew them up and voila.

See, I’m trying to have a broad range of items and prices. Can’t afford one of the more detailed pouches? Perhaps you could use a checkbook cover or a cell phone case.

I now plan on making up some wand bags, patens, pillows and phone bags too. I don’t intend to be this busy all the time, at least now while working full time, but I feel driven to get some inventory going. Once I have a solid inventory, I can just keep replenishing it. That said, I do hope that by this time next year, I might be able to cut back to working 4 days a week instead of 5. Then the next year, 3 days per week.

So Mote It Be!

1 thought on “I know! Too many posts per day…

  1. your embroidery is beautiful! ill take a blessed be with a side of tree and moon!

    *laugh* I kind of like that combination. I think I’ll use it. Watch for it in June… And thanks!

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