Ta Da! C’est Miracle! Snoopy Happy Dance!

Last night I was making a little batch of protection powder. I’d looked some recipes up online and pretty much found the same one repeated all over the place. Went to my trusty Scott Cunningham’s Oil and Brews and there, right there, was the same recipe. Folks on the internet are posting SC’s recipes as their own. Tsk Tsk…

So, I’m mixing the recipe:

2 parts Dragon’s Blood Resin
2 parts Sandalwood
1 part Salt
(Thanks Scott!!!)

I go to my supply cabinet and get the shoe box with the bottles and jars and funnels and stuff. I remove the big bag of buckwheat hulls, dig around, get a bottle.

After much grindage with the mortar and pestle (oi my hands, salt and db resin are HARD), I see I’m going to need either a bigger bottle or a second bottle. I decide on a second bottle so that I can use the small one for a very specific purpose and then keep the rest in stock.

I open the same box, the size of a shoe box remember, not a big box, no place to hide, I was in 10 miunutes ago and remove the buckwheat hulls and what do you think is sitting right there under the bag of hulls and above the bag of bottles? Just guess. I honestly couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to look twice before I believed what was right in front of me.

My two silver bracelets.

I was at first inclined to think I’d forgotten that I’d been in that box a little while ago but I would swear that the last time in that box had been a week before I “lost” the bracelets. And I know for a fact I had done serious rummaging not 10 minutes before.

I was so happy I put them on immediately and danced around the cottage…

Tonight? There will be cream and honey out for my little brats friends. Greenwitch from Wales calls them boogers but where I’m from boogers are what is in your nose. I just can’t bring myself to call them that. So they remain brownies or fae or little brats friends.

See the itty bitty red mark at my thumb cuticle, the nick on my first knuckle, the stab on my second knuckle and the missing skin from the base of the thumb. I bleed for my art baby. But who cares when the beloved silver bracelets are back?

Damaged hands with lovely silver bracelets

4 thoughts on “Ta Da! C’est Miracle! Snoopy Happy Dance!

  1. Those boogers! đŸ™‚

    Really glad they’re back – these guys love their little jokes, no? x

    Indeed. Just crazy. There is no doubt in my mind what happened. When I first saw it my brain just couldn’t compute it. I can’t describe what it was like when I saw the first glimmer. Mind fuck is what we call that over here. *laugh* boogers boogers boogers

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