A Good Time Was Had By All

Back in the day when I was hanging out with the band Variant Cause, Jan used to say, when asked how it went, after a no paying gig with a long drive home, “A good time was had by all.”

I think that best describes my Saturday faire event.

The weather was gorgeous. Warm and lovely. The morning started out well in metalsmithing class where I am well on my way to making what I think is a very stunning ring and I can’t believe it is my first effort. I’m convinced I did this in a past life because it’s coming so naturally to me and I simply don’t struggle as the lessons progress. And because I’m so drawn to it. So I was feeling pretty high on my way out of town for the Beltaine Ritual. Singing along with Emerald Rose with the wind in my hair.

The fellow who offered to share his canopy was all set up and had a small space available to me. It was shady and nice and very small. He is a nice man and interesting but he’s far more interested in talking than listening, even the folks who were getting readings from him had to work to get in a word. But it was good for the afternoon.

None of the merchants made any money. There might have been a couple purchases overall. I didn’t sell one thing. I got a lot of oohs and aahs but I think folks just didn’t have any dinero. My tent mate pointed out that OLOTEAS events are always the weekend before the end of the month and folks don’t tend to have any money. Ah. Good point. I think that online will be a better money making venue than live.

That said, I had a really good time. Made some new friends who are part of a local Witches meetup and now won’t feel so shy about going to one of their meetings since I now know a couple.

A dear friend, Ayeshadream, came by and gave me the loveliest pashimina shawl! I don’t know what I did to deserve it but it is so soft and warm and light, I’m going to enjoy this quite a bit.

The Ex was there and we hung out a bit in a small group with some others which was nice. We spoke on the phone last night too. Slowly we heal as we move along in our new separate lives. I feel we are even steven at this point in time.

The most interesting interaction was with another ex. One I dumped after 6 weeks when his temper tantrums showed themselves after he stopped being on his best behavior. I have run into him a couple times over the past ELEVEN years but I was not interested in and we never made any attempt to be friends. I’m not interested in that even now but he has started hanging out at OLOTEAS so it’s inevitable. I am grateful for his bad behavior because it was the last time I let anyone treat me like that and I had a very powerful last experience with him. Worth a post I think sometime soon

So he was there at the event and my first reaction was “Great, just great.” He hung around as I set up shop chatting and moved on. *whew* A little while later he came back to the booth while I was chatting with some other friends. It became clear he was hoping to talk to me so I turned to him and asked if i could help him. He stumbled around a bit for worlds and then handed me a knife. A gift. An apology. There were so many people there who don’t know our story that I felt I had to hug him. It’s a beautiful knife, really it is, but I can’t for the life of me think of what I’m supposed to do with it.

In my phone conversation with The Ex last night we were tossing around Goddess or God’s in my pantheon that might be associated with this knife but I’m still at a loss. It certainly isn’t going on the altar. So it sits in the supply shelf waiting for it’s purpose to reveal itself. Had a good laugh over how lucky he was that I didn’t turn it on him. Heh. It is a curved dagger with a metal hilt that has two inlaid metals. Needs a sheath. The blade is a true damascus blade, it really is a pretty knife. But it isn’t an athame and it’s not a boline. Hmmmm. Any ideas dear readers?

After a day of standing and working I was just exhausted. My knees have been pretty bad of late (all my fault) and my sciatica was acting up. I actually left before the rit. The Ex said I didn’t miss all that much. I went home and hung out on the couch with Miss Mitty watching Practical Magic and drinking tea stoned on a pain pill.

I woke up early Sunday morning after a pretty intense dream (been having a lot of dreams lately). I felt all cozy and fuzzy as I drifted in and out musing over the dream. But when I tried to get up I didn’t feel well at all. Felt like I’d been drinking the night before. Thought perhaps it was a hangover from the pain pill. I ate some yogurte and took some Emergency-C and vitamins but just felt crappy crappy crappy. My sciatica was worse, my knees and back were killing me, and I felt very nauseous. I finally realized that the scotch broom that one of our past first lady’s had planted along our nations highways is blooming and I’m miserable. I think I’ve finally figured out what plant it is that sets off my allergies so drastically that my inner ear plugs up. Which means serious vertigo and nausea and just plain yuckiness for a couple days. Yesterday was a wash. And of course this morning true to form, I have a headache that no meds will make go away.

I have a couple of invites for next Saturday, I need to figure out which one speaks to me the most…

I also need to get my etsy store up and running cuz I am broke.

3 thoughts on “A Good Time Was Had By All

  1. The old superstition is that a knife given as a gift will sever a friendship unless some sort of token payment is given in return.

    Perhaps this signifies the end of old emnities and the hope for a new beginning of your choosing? Maybe you could use the knife ritually to “cut” bad karma when you need it?

    I guess a hug is a token payment. Goddess knows it cost ME. As usual you have awesome ideas. This sounds VERY good. Perhaps I can use it to cut any bad karma I’ve accrued over my feelings for SNIB. *laugh*

  2. It might be a wonderful tool to take on field trips for cutting branches and greenery. Not one, in other words, that you would be gutted to lose if you absent-mindedly left it on a rock!

    I like the suggestion above. He may not even know this supersition, but the Universe is speaking through him. You’ve won this one and can now let him go completely.

    It’s too bad but the knife is dull as a stick. I think it will only be sharp on the astral level.

  3. bury it in a wild hillside somewhere under a beautiful tree and ask the earth to take it in exchange for some wonderful healing earth energy and then you can use that place any time you want to go and be at peace, remembering lessons learnt and knowledge won.

    Ooh, what an evocative visual. Hmmmmm…

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