Countdown to the faire and the public Beltaine ritual

I requested, and received, tomorrow off.* Yay! I can stay up late tonight finishing the checkbook covers (3 of the 4 will be completed in time).


  • make SAMPLE tags for, well, samples, things not for sale
  • price things that are for sale for the right price, read VERY HIGH price (hat, tunic, faery jacket, faery purse)
  • finish checkbook covers
  • make those two pairs of earrings I keep putting off
  • hangers
  • table cloths and display cloths
  • business cards and tray
  • bags for purchased pouches
  • bags for purchased earrings
  • banners
  • pouches
  • earrings
  • samples (hat, robe, shirt, tunic, goblet bag, jean jacket, faery jacket, faery purse)
  • rain boots for boggy stone circle
  • sunscreen (forecast says sun breaks and 63 Yay!)
  • chair
  • lunch and cooler
  • water and soda
  • warm coat for after dusk
  • sketch book, pencil, pen
  • project (get some pillows started)
  • protection powder
  • charm to make my bags and earrings irresistible *wink*
  • a NAP
  • pack it all into the rolling suitcase

Goodness I hope I don’t forget anything.

*All boss says is “Do you have time accrued?” Duh. Would I ask for time off if I didn’t have time accrued? Anyway…

3 thoughts on “Countdown to the faire and the public Beltaine ritual

  1. So, not much for you to do at all then! By 10am you’ll be kicked back on the couch watching Ricki Lake!! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day at the Fayre – I hope you sell loads and meet some wonderful people!

  2. Have a wonderful time! Celebrating the seasons is so important — as a matter of fact, celebrating anything and everything is so important in this “do you have time accrued?” world.

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