Book Covers

This is the week I gave myself to recover from working so hard to get the Etsy store up. Sunday, sick as a dog thanks to some allergen, Monday, didn’t get much done watched TV and that is rare to just sit and watch tv.

Yesterday I absolutely needed to get working on something. A great stress reducer, stitching. We’ve got a bit of a crisis in the family at the moment and while I’m pretty pleased at how I’m handling it, it is indeed stressful. A bit of a cry half way through the evening. I had so hoped to be done with this. (more later, I just can’t talk about it right now, too much is up in the air and I hate crying in public)

I wanted to make a cover for my book-esque calendar. Every year I buy Llewellyn’s Witches date book. I adore the artwork of Jennifer Hewitson and it is the one place I get my hands on it. She does other work besides stuff for Llewellyn but it doesn’t appear to be of a witchy nature so I always buy the date book. This year I also bought the wall calendar so that I could have 12 big full color prints of her work.

Any way, the cover is heavy card stock but it gets trashed in my purse over the course of a year. I wanted to protect it a bit. And I wanted a project. AND I am still in love with the project that I did for The Ex for Yule last year.

The cover for the calendar is from wool blend felt in a dark midnight blue. The tree (a sort of Tim Burton type tree but mostly it reminds me of some trees I saw in France) is a dark plum color against an ivory moon. There will be a little strip of felt on the inside that will hold in place my Pocket Astrologer calendar (has more dates and info than LLewellyn’s), and a strap with a button to keep it closed. You can just barely see the stip that will hold the pocket astrologer in place but the felt is so dark it’s hard to see the borders.

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