A dear family member has relapsed. They have a long history of relapse after over 7 years of sobriety. They just can’t seem to get sober again. Yet. *sigh* We are not in the same city and any help from me must come from phone or email. Not a daily drinker but the binges are upsetting and becoming more frequent of late. The immediate family members are stressed to the max and extremely exhausted.

The one good thing is that they sound open minded to a solution today that they have never been open to before. I am no longer the crazy bitch but the woman who made it and who is sane and kind. I have proposed that they talk to their spouse and get themselves into treatment immediately. They have been to treatment before but I never felt they were ready then. This time might be the one that works. If I can just get them to agree to go and stop giving 8gazilliion excuses.

I sit here, powerless, waiting to know which choice it will be….

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4 thoughts on “Powerless

  1. I’m very sorry to hear about your family member; this is a terrible affliction for anyone to wrestle with. Good for you for suggesting a programme again; they have to want to help themselves, but you can help them help themselves, if you see what I mean!

    Sending you support and empathy x

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