Gathering For Life and other stuff

Very excited. I spent some time this weekend checking out very thoroughly Skyclad Crafting. The link I had was really old and I finally found the new one thanks to someone’s blog… At any rate, I had thought that I would be going to Faerieworlds this August but I decided against it. It is a very long drive, it is a very hot event, and it is a bit chaotic. I can only take about a day and a half. It’s fun but it wasn’t calling to me this year.

But I found something that is practically shouting my name on her blog list of events. The minute my paycheck comes in I’m registering.

Gathering For Life

A four day pagan gathering, 150 maxiumum adults. A nice smallish event three hours away in BC Canada. In the trees, on a lake, food provided in the cost of registration. A camping event. Much more my speed. I will be registering as a merchant ($5) but it is a casual affair. Everyone is required to do 3 hours of volunteer work. I’m a little worried about because of my inability to stand. I can walk for quite some time but standing in place is a real beast, I get about 2 minutes before I can no longer do it. I’ll let them know that when I sign up for chores on the form.

There will be workshops, bonfires, rituals, and lazing around. Woohoo!

I look forward to a cheaper, quieter, slower, cooler, event. And meeting new people. Because right now? I know absolutely no one who is going and that is pretty great too.

I’m pretty darned stoked.

Skyclad’s work got me all fired up for things non-textile. I want to try wood carving again and wood burning. I see a big jump coming up. Jumping all over the place. I feel a huge change in my psyche, my art, my view coming up. And I’m really excited about it.

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