What I did on my Beltaine weekend

Friday night I went to my home group for a great, awesome even, 12-step meeting. Dinner afterwards, we laughed and had a generally great time. It’s a great way to end a work week and begin a play weekend, this meeting I call home. When I can do dinner too it’s even better. We finally found a restaurant that will put up with us has room for our big group, that has food we like to eat, and that puts up with our noise. Just because we’re sober doesn’t mean we can’t still get rowdy and make lots of noise.

Saturday I trundled sleepily off to metal smithing class. Next week we don’t have class so it was important to me to finish some work. Which I did. I finished my first ring ever. I’m so pleased I can hardly believe I did this. Pictures below the cut.

I lost the ring within the first 5 minutes of completion. Finally found it in my tool box in the ring clamp box. I had planned on staying all afternoon to make some head pins but decided that it had been a bit of a mental stretch all morning and that I best stay away from the torch the rest of the day. Those little balls made my life very interesting and not in a good way. Speaking of balls… I’m feeling very Beltainey, very Lusty, Merry Month of May, very fertile, very productive. Where is that new guy oh Universe?

Went home, had a nap, and made some new earrings which I will put up on Etsy sometime today. In this time of recession that no one official is discussing, my friends can afford to buy earrings in their efforts to tell me to keep on keeping on. I didn’t think I’d sell earrings but that is what is going out the door.

Saturday night was a Jeshua night. It was a super great evening, I asked him for a progress report and he gave me an A+. I’ll have to post about what’s going on with me. I really have turned this corner, I’m in a place that is foreign to me, that I’m still getting comfortable with, that I sometimes leave and revert to old places and behaviors, but it is a very cool place to feel myself in. I sold one pouch too! The one that no matter how hard I tried I simply could not get it to photograph correctly. My camera has trouble with reds. Washes them out and makes them too pink. The bag I sold was a raven motif, black on dark red. And it kept looking all pink and pale. Instead of the robust darkness that was it’s main glory. Saved from having to try one more time to get it right.

I felt a little off at the end of the evening however. One gal, who I’ve always got weird vibes from totally snubbed me when I went to talk to her. I understand that she is going through a rough patch but her behavior was very odd for this group. The second was that in the course of a conversation I brought astrology up as a theory. And mid-sentence this woman who I have enjoyed in the past totally cut me off and started ranting about how astrology isn’t real, that we create our own realities, that the stars don’t tell us anything, that it is a collective unconscious thing. Ranting! I was struck with Carriage Wit. (The rebuttals you think of on the way home in the car/riage. ) She is a total Ramtha fan and I stop my enjoyment of channeling at Ramtha. His way is not my way and her warrior way that night was inappropriate. I did call her on it right then and there in front of everyone (excuse me I was talking?) but she didn’t even have the grace to see what a boor she was being. Carriage Wit all the way home. For one thing if the collective unconscious created astrology then it must have some validity and who the blazes are you to rant at me to keep us from having fun with it? We must have wanted something to play with. I was only talking theory, not fact anyway. Beotch. Right before her tirade she was complaining about the rain. April showers bring May flowers beotch. Create your own sunny frikking day reality. But people like you? Who have no appreciation for the seasons and the fact that their process is necessary to our survival? Move to dieing Arizona and waste away of thirst if you want sun all the frikking time. What part of temperate rain forest do you not understand??? Idiot.

There. Got that out of my system. hahahahaha. Okay. That must be Blog Wit.

Sunday brought breakfast with my parents. My mother’s birthday is Beltaine (lucky woman!) but we weren’t able to get together until Sunday. She loved her little gifts (earrings I made, two soy candles, and a darling little coffee mug).

I went home to play and ended up taking a nap and completey forgetting to go to the potluck for the Seeds of Compassion web team. Luckily my buddy saved me an official t-shirt so I can still get out the fabric paint and adjust it abit. “I got to see the Dalai Lama and all I got was this t-shirt. Enlightenment still in progress.”

In the afternoon I was bit by the busy bug. I transformed two sarongs into clothing I can actually wear. One is a very loose coverup for those clothing optional pagan rituals and events. Easy on and off. Mostly on mind you. I’m totally comfortable in clothing. The other is a nice simple gathered waist skirt. I sewed up new pillow covers for the transformation that is soon to be my living room. Soon I am putting in new curtains in a pale cream, butter, and lime stripe. The couch is a dark butter color and the new pillow covers are a lovely lush mossy spring green. I feel this need to brighten things up a bit. I began painting the wood letters I got that spell L-O-V-E in a butter yellow. These will have vines and flowers and go on one of my walls when done. Finished the datebook cover too. Ate an early dinner, hung out with Xena and Gabrielle for the evening, working on fixing a bodice that isn’t behaving, and went to bed after reading some of the next Sister Fidelma mysteries.

Over all, a Lovely Weekend!

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