Mating rituals

The Goddess and her Consort are just playing havoc with my self this Beltaine. I’ve stood at the edge of that stage at this man’s feet oh yes. Somebody get me some water.

I saw them that year, 1975… I swear he was wearing the same clothes. Nothing like standing at his feet looking up that long drink of water in a silk kimono shirt to make THIS 16 year old girl loose her frikking mind.

You need coolin, baby, Im not foolin,
Im gonna send you back to schoolin,
Way down inside honey, you need it,
I’m gonna give you my love,
every inch of my love

1 thought on “Mating rituals

  1. my goddess, are we Sisters? 🙂 My very first concert was to see Led Zepplin on my 16th Birthday. It was 1973 and I saw them one other time…1975 I believe.

    I distinctly remember the way Robert Plant looked, shirtless in those jeans that were so tight – well – uh huh. ANYWAY, when he sang Stairway to Heaven, with nothing but a backlight on him and those golden curls, I thought he was a GOD.

    And my life was never the same…

    Never Ever the Same… We are sisters. I knew it the minute I read that first post of yours.

    Robert Plant IS a God. No doubt about it. Incarnate. jeez, no one should have that much whatever it is. Thank God he decided to share it with the rest of us for a while.

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