Blame it on Beltaine

Is that a sexy beast or what???? I just loves me a man who can dance. Not only is it a beautiful sight but I think that many of us believe that a person who can dance, can fuck. ooooh, she said the f word. And that belief has not always proven true. But there is something to be said for a strong sense of body consciousness.

1 thought on “Blame it on Beltaine

  1. hahaha I can’t remember if it’s buried on the Wild Pomegranate, or was on The 13 Graces, but I once said that if I were an angel, I would be one just like that!

    My big ‘dream’ is that the (next) Mr. Right DANCES! LOLOL Me, the dancing fool, married to guys with total left feet, white-guy style dancing. Oy Vez.

    🙂 Fun stuff.

    *laugh* Awesome angel that. Batttttttle! When the Guardians left the circle one night when I was in my last outer grove, they left on Harley’s and I knew that I would never see angels the same as before, never again.

    Yeah, I should check that list of mine and make sure it has dance on it…

    I do keep choosing the musicians, the artists, the folks who just never felt the need to groove it with the body… I wanna dance all over my living room with That Man. And a few other places too.

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