Notes from the Universe

It’s no one’s responsibility to tell you what your “issues” are, Cynthia, and, contrary to popular thinking, most will not. Which pretty much means there’s only one person you can trust in such matters, and it ain’t me.

Walk like an Egyptian,
The Universe

How apropo is that? That’s just it. It’s also no one’s responsibility to tell me what my life looks like. Which pretty much means it’s also not their right. I get to do that. Period. No one else.

We knew that, right?

Had a different weekend than what I had planned. The weather didn’t pan out and I forgot it was my weekend to answer phones at the 12-step group phone bank. Did not get outside and do one darned thing to the garden. Growing like weeds…

Dinner out Friday night yielded lots of fun and this bill. Cracked me up! I’m the appetizer! Oh, and I’m FREE! Don’t I wish.

I did get the new round of inspired designs onto bag templates and started working on the blackberry design. (Don’t worry, those of you expecting work from me, it’s cool) I’m particularly excited about that blackberry bag. It’s just building itself.

I did more work after taking the photo, which of course doesn’t do it justice…

3 thoughts on “Notes from the Universe

  1. oh, it’s beautiful. 🙂 The level of detail in your work is so delicate and lovely…each piece is obviously a work of love.

    Cynthia, I have to tell you – one of the ‘best’ things I have done in recent memory to help me on my journey was buy that new deck I told you about. It’s been so helpful in learning about symbols and holidays and activities. For example, I found a silver 5-pointed star on a walk I took awhile back. (it fits in the palm of my hand). The book that comes with the deck told me what each of the five points meant, and now I am able to embrace it in a way I hadn’t been able to before through lack on knowledge. Same with this symbol that I’ve seen – and never knew what it meant —> )O(. Now I feel like marking my forehead with it – like the priestess in The Mists of Avalon! LOL

    I’m almost done reading it. The deck and the book together have helped me so much in deeply significant ways. In the last year there have been times when I (spontaneously) wanted to do things (or I experienced things) that I understand. I understand where they were coming from – and where they were trying to lead me.

    what an awesome world we live in.

    Like your receipt there – I love that sort of thing!

    Most excellent! I’m so glad you like that deck. The first deck they put out is darned cool too. It inspires me every time I look at it. And it is truly a very useful tool. They really thought it out.

    I, too, want that )0( on my forehead. I have to admit, that for all the flaws that folks seem to see, I adore the Mists of Avalon (book). Marion did such good work trying for authenticity in so many different areas, it speaks to me every time…

    Isn’t that receipt hilarious? I get messages all the time. In places where I least expect them. Last year grasshoppers kept jumping into my life and I was wondering what they were trying to tell me. It wasn’t until I saw the license plate on a car in front of me that it all fell into place. What did the license plate say? JUMP *laugh* Magic is everywhere.

    Some day you and I will meet my sister…

  2. Ooooo! That blackberry bag is just so gorgeous – I’m very tempted… 🙂

    Thank you! I might have to make two! I’m tempted too. *laugh*

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