My Garden part deux

I had a very nice and enjoyable long weekend. I did very well in my bid for compassion for dimwits folks who need compassion. I lounged around, I stitched, I napped, I communed with Herne, I watched a so bad its great b-movie, Bubbahotep, with some dear friends. Long chats on the phone with many family members. And finally, at 7pm on memorial day they arrived to mow my lawn. *laugh* Yeah, thanks guys. Better late than never.

I’ve written my narratives and goals and proposals and all the stuff for my upcoming facilitated meeting but still have no idea who will lead it and when? Why? Can you say Procrastination boys and girls? Clearly I’m not referring to myself as I seem to be ready, willing, and able…

The promised photos of my garden, which continues to become ever more fruitful as the years go by. Overcast or sunny, I find it all beautiful. Now that the lawn is mowed for this month and I only have one more bed to weed, I feel that I could maybe consider planting…



More Columbine

J’adore Columbine

For my next healing salve, calendula. BTW, I think my healing salve rocks. Wounds clear up in a day. Swear.

Artemesia ~ wormwood not because I would make absinthe but I like that I could.

Angelica ~ Gotta have the angels hanging around, they are the best protectors. And not in a silly pink fluffy way. In a big sword, wings with eyes, riding a Harley kind of way.

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