1 thought on “It is a daily challenge

  1. Which is why Kuan Yin carries a sword; to cut through the B.S. we encounter every day….every * bloody * day.

    Just saying 🙂

    bwahahahahahahaha. Most excellent… I never noticed that about her. My relationship has been a bit different. My eyes are open to that now. Awesome and many thanks!

    It took some looking and I never would have without your comment but I found this:
    The Sword is for overcoming all forces of anti-Dharma, both within you and outside of you. You may see it made as though of flawless amethyst crystal, though not of any earthly amethyst, and it is imperishable, unbreakable, and eternally victorious. You may see Kuan Yin point it at and even swing or thrust it into the core of all anti-Dharma consciousness and energy, and you may do it with Her. Kuan Yin’s Sword will penetrate and dissolve the ignorance, malice, fear, or whatever, by her Power of Mercy.

    This? Is a keeper.

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